Premium French Beans

French beans have become a staple in the gourmet produce industry. They are also known
as Haricot Vert, which is French for "green bean". These beans are slender and have a
smooth, velvety flesh and grow to lengths of 4 to 5 inches.  Our Premium French Beans
raise the industry standard to a new level.  We begin by using only the finest variety
beans, then process and package them under strict HACCP regulations to ensure maximum
quality and a significantly extended shelf-life.  

This process includes extensive sorting and re-sorting, multiple washes, thorough drying
and pre-cooling; then packed and sealed in patented bags that actually extend the shelf-life
by at least double.  All this is done inside our new, temperature controlled HACCP facility
by our extensively trained staff. We also offer our very popular pre-snipped beans and a
variety of pack sizes including 8oz, 2 lb, 5lb, 10lb and 30lb units.

Make sure your Pre-Snipped French Beans are NOT snipped on the field, like
most of our competition’s.

Additional Value:
Not only are our beans superior quality and are processed in a  HACCP certified facility,
but our method and packaging technology can actually save you a lot of money in
transportation.  By giving you at least 14 days of shelf-life, we allow you to transport across
the country by truck instead of air. The few days of travel still allow for a fresher arrival
than conventional beans and  gives your customers a higher end product than the
competition can.

If you still prefer flying, you now have the ability to ship larger amounts at once. This
lowers your shipping costs dramatically and now you have plenty of time to move the
larger amount because of the extended shelf-life.

That's what we like to call bringing some added value to 'value-added'.