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We believe our new take on Baby Peeled Carrots with Tops is going to
change the
way the industry thinks about carrots.  We have developed a
new method of processing and packaging that not only gives us an ultra-
premium carrot, but allows us to offer an unprecedented 21 day minimum

These special variety carrots are double-sorted for consistency in size and
the highest quality available.  We then put them through a meticulous
cleaning and peeling process before packing them in our new, non-
vacuum package design.  Here are a few key benefits of our superior pack:

• Non-vacuum allows for extended freshness, even when traveling in less
than ideal temperature conditions.

• Extended shelf-life allows for trucking, saving you money in
transportation.  If you still want to fly them, you can now ship a lot more on
one flight, knowing that you have three weeks to move this larger
inventory.  This will dramatically reduce your air freight costs.

• Resealable enclosure extends the shelf-life after chef opens the bag.

• Avoid unnecessary customer credits due to slight loss of vacuum even
though the actual product is still perfect.

Please contact us and we will send you a sample so you can see for yourself.  
We promise, you won't believe the difference.  
HACCP Certified, Premium
Baby Peeled Carrots with Tops